Garden Decor Ideas

Just as you take pride in creating focal areas inside your home, you can also do the same outside in your garden. There are so many beautiful accessories that you can add – basically anything from wind chimes to extravagant fountains. There are several different styles you can choose based on various influences from other cultures or periods.

Asian Garden Decor

 If you are looking to create a space that enhances relaxation and tranquility, you may want to opt for décor inspired by Chinese or Japanese styles. The simplistic style works to create a spiritual, harmonious relationship between the individual and his environment.

japanese stone lantern in garden

Japanese Garden Decor

Gardens that utilize a Japanese style are often characterized by lush green foliage, bamboo, stone pathways, and water features. This does not mean though that Japanese gardens are without décor.  Here are the key decorative items that are well-suited to this style.

Stone lanterns

This is probably one of the more recognizable elements of Japanese gardens. These lanterns are varied in size with the smallest at about 12 inches tall. Styles are also varied with the most common design that of a pagoda.

Rain chains

In the absence of downspouts, the Japanese have used rain chains to collect rainwater to reuse. Adding these to your garden will provide a beautiful, decorative effect with the benefit of utility. Be sure to place a basin or pot at the end of the chain to capture the rainwater.

beautiful chinese garden with water features

Chinese garden decor

As I’m sure you’ve seen, Chinese gardens are a bit more flamboyant than their Japanese counterparts with more dramatic coloring and elements. Red is a popular color used in China to symbolize good luck.


Chinese culture utilizes multiple animal figures with the dragon being the most common. These creatures are used to ward off evil spirits and bring about harmony. You can add dragons to your garden with statues that can be placed directly on the ground or affixed to walls or fences.

Hanging lanterns

Add illumination to your garden with hanging lanterns. The soft light will add a warm cozy ambiance to your space. And during the Chinese New Year, you can count on your lanterns to ward off monsters and bring good luck.

wagon wheel garden decor with purple flowers

Primitive Style Garden Decor

The primitive garden decor style is a popular method of decorating your garden using rusted pieces of metal, antiquated farm implements, worn furniture or even old statuary. For example, if you’re looking to bring more birds to your yard, there are various old-styled birdfeeders or antique birdbaths. You can find a myriad of primitive-style fountains and statues in thrift stores.

Other examples of the primitive style for garden decor include wagon wheels as planters and old milk cans as container gardens. If you hit up a local flea market you can probably find rusted bicycles, bed frames or maybe even an old-fashioned hand pump to decorate your garden beds. This style of garden decor is probably one of the easiest and least expensive trends to implement.


There are so many styles of garden decor for you to explore. And while we have only touched on a couple here, I hope that they have inspired you to turn your garden into the oasis you are hoping for.

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