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The Basics of Pruning Shears

The Basics Of Pruning Shears

pruning tree branch

Regular pruning of your landscape and garden is essential since it gets rid of overgrown or diseased plant parts, thereby ensuring the health and appearance of your plants. By doing this, you also get to influence fruiting as well as flowering.

All in all, a pruning shears helps simplify your work as you can do it a lot faster and efficiently.

However, there are different types of pruning shears to choose from. In this guide, you will be taken through an in-depth review of three kinds, that is, the anvil, bypass, and ratchet pruning shears. Knowing this, you will be better placed to know which one best suits your needs.

Anvil Pruners

These pruning shears feature a sharp blade that does an effective job cutting a flat and heavy edge. The design of handheld prunesthese pruners makes them ideal for cutting denser branches, especially when looking to apply pressure uniformly from each side. They are capable of doing this since they come into contact with both sides of the branch being cut.

Whereas they might appear somewhat complicated to use, the anvil pruners should be the go-to pruners when looking to cut thicker branches. This is further aided by them being small and lightweight; thereby, your hands experience less strain when cutting. It also comes coated with titanium. This prevents debris from sticking as you cut as well as not get affected by sap.

Bypass Pruners

Integrated into the bypass pruners are two blades, that is, a lower hook, which is unsharpened, and an extra sharp top blade. When completing a cut, the lower blade gets passed by the upper one, and this is where this pruner derived its name.

The unique position and design of the blades of this pruning shears guarantee that the pruning action allows for a cleaner cut as well as reduced crushing damage.

Using bypass pruners is easy and straightforward, so you need not struggle to achieve the desired outcome. Therefore, it is an excellent choice if you are a novice at perfuming different gardening duties. These pruners are also a perfect pick for cutting every kind of green, live growth plus you can find one for right-hand and left-hand users.

The handles of this pruner can either be slightly curved or somewhat straight and are easy to grip thanks to their soft molded nature.

If you are thinking of buying a pruning shear, then bypass pruners are a superb choice as they are not only affordable. You thus do not need to dig deep into your pocket to get a reliable gardening tool that will deliver incredible performance.

Ratchet Pruners

If you regularly trim thick branches and stems other pruners cannot handle or lack enough power in your wrists, then look no further than the ratchet pruning shears.

This pruner is an excellent choice since it simplifies tough jobs as they feature an additional part which enables you to trim and chop in steps instead of a single smooth action. After squeezing these pruners, they clasp and then allow you to release and press again, with this somewhat different unlike doing a single straight cut.

Ratchet pruning shears come with ā€œDā€ handles, which enable a perfect grip. They also feature a safety latch to provide you with added protection when making use of them. Therefore, if you have weak wrists and hands, then these pruners are a great choice.


Having a reliable and effective pruning shear is vital if you want to maintain your garden. These three pruning shears mentioned above are three of the best choices you should consider as they guarantee incredible performance. With this in mind, you should not wait any longer to get yourself either one of these to maintain the serenity of your garden.

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